Visualisation with Python

Python Basics using Jupyter Notebook

Visualisation with Pandas

Distribution Plots with Seaborn

Categorical Plots with Seaborn

Matrix Plots with Seaborn

Grid and FacetGrid Plots with Seeaborn

Seaborn Regression Plots

Seaborn Distribution Plots

Covid19 Australia covidlive Visualisation Analysis

Machine Learning - Regression

Simple Regression with Salary Dataset

Multiple Regression using mtcars

Machine Learning -Classification

Logistics Regression with Diabetes Dataset

Machine Learning with all Algorithms Kyphosys Dataset

KNN Classifier and Regressor on mtcars Dataset


KMeans Clustering

Hierarchial Clustering

Deep Learning

Diabetes Prediction with Deep Learning using Keras

Forex Prediction on Yahoo Finance using LSTM

Deep Learning Concepts

Hypothesis Test

Normality & Hypothesis Tests ( Anova ) in PSPP

Spearman's Rank Correlation using Excel

2 Way Anova using Excel on Financial Data

Hypothesis tests in statcraft

Likert Scale Survey Hypothesis Anova tests using Statcraft ,Excel and SPSS

Independent Sample T Test in Excel using Econometrics Data new

One Sample T Test using Excel with Econometrics Data new

Multiple Regression with Excel

Regression Housing Data with Excel and Statcraft

Cronbach Alpha for Reliability Analysis of Survey using SPSS

Item Analysis using Excel and SPSS NEW

SPSS Data Handing and t & Anova tests

SPSS Non Parametric Tests

Regression Grades and Employee Data using SPSS

Importing Excel files in PSPP for Regression final

Reliability Analysis of Questionnaire in Excel and PSPP

Responsive Mobile Website

Here's how a responsive website design can help your business.

Initially, mobile websites were offered to capture Smartphone users. That means that you build a website specifically for small screen viewers. This is a different version of the mainstream website.

Mobile online users do not have much patience for hard to use websites, they will just simply find another site that is easier to use and viewer friendly.

A well-designed and well-marketed website will not work with mobile users without a responsive design. Traffic will be high, so as your bounce rate.

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